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benzoleene and other cool stuff
The Band

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Jason Holmes: Guitar,Vocals,Sampling
Jaime Graser: Bass
Drew Seibert: Guitar
Tim Krupp: Drums,Percussion

Benzoleene has recently came out with an awesome CD titled Samurai Flu. It's filled with 13 great songs and a few cool samples (including me smashing a television screen). It's only availble in stores around Wooster, OH - for now- but you can write or E-mail Jaime to get it. Check out their website for more information or just E-mail me.


The boys of benzoleene

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"Bite the wasp, retract the sky, inhale, impale me, set me free. Blasphemy, what I see, masticate all my thoughts. I hope you are happy with the cards that you've been dealt. Build on the cloud that bakes your cake and makes you fake. I should have listened in the first place, beat you into submission. Tell me a story about how you are my friend. You fear me. Why don't you step back and see what I see? Everyday something else slips away, no control, crashing down and defeated. Fuck your way, revenge is mine. Perverse, or so you say. Mind linked to creativity. Why do you accuse me of what I breathe? It's been a long, long time, I can't believe what I can see and feel. Depth charge,down, fire." - Cleve


My sound files that you can download. Includes song clips and samples.

One of my favorite parts from the new CD

Is it jelly then?

Bleeding to death in the shower

Well, step back and see what I see

The sample of me breaking a television screen

Pictures 1